Go deeper without getting out of your depth...

Trauma sensitivity is becoming standard best practice in the helping professions. As the latest discoveries in human sciences spread out to the mainstream there is a swelling interest in trauma and the nervous system.


Not to mention a rapidly growing global awareness of the shared traumas of COVID-19 and systemic oppression. We cannot ignore the impact these experiences have on our biology, our psychology, and our lives.

When you work with the body you work with the unconscious. Body-oriented Coaching is characteristically emergent, non-linear, potentially unpredictable.


Whether through the deep work we do or simply living through the current climate, at some point we are likely to become acquainted with trauma;  our own or our clients: So how do we do deep work without getting out of our depth?

We are thrilled to introduce a brand new workshop to The Somatic School.

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Course Trainer
Rachel Blackman

Organic Intelligence® for Coaches

6th & 7th February 2021

Human beings have a natural biological impulse to heal, grow and thrive in our ever changing complex environments. This is where we begin - with the good news! Messages are repeatedly being sent from the biology that will help us evolve if we could only notice them. And we can, with the right support and strategies.


For a mind and body that has been disorganised through trauma the focus on what’s wrong, including the focus on trauma, more often than not leads to more disorganisation on a biological, systemic level. This reinforces an addiction to what’s wrong AKA "What’s Wrong Attention". This is exactly like it says on the tin - the attention is drawn to what’s wrong e.g. Images in the mind of what might go wrong, worrying thoughts, uncomfortable sensations, unjustified perceived threats in the environment, intense emotions.


As coaches, instead we can and should reinforce the organising signals from the biology back to the biology in an adept way. By supporting a client’s naturally occurring experience of the here and now environment, along with pleasurable experience in one of their ISOMA channels (Image, Sensation, Orientation, Meaning and Affect), we begin to create the conditions in which a new attentional attractor forms. This brings balance to the addiction to what’s wrong.


Organic Intelligence® offers self practices and coaching interventions that can reliably see a system move from chaotic dysregulation through strategic self-regulation (building resilience and agency) and finally into an auto-regulation phase where the joy of simply being and a deep sense of purpose exists.

Over the course of the weekend you will learn:

  • The science behind using a positive reinforcement framework vs. negative reinforcement

  • Personal attentional practices to create the initial conditions for biological evolution to happen

  • Simple, practical ways to experience an easeful presence in the here and now

  • How to increase your own capacity to experience pleasure

  • How to support and reflect back a client’s natural biological impulses for healing and transformation

  • How to help clients in an enjoyable way that can support your own system’s growth

This training is online and takes place over two days from 10am - 6pm GMT, Saturday and Sunday.

Course Trainer
Craig Deuchar

Craig facilitates people in the discovery of a powerful presence and voice to communicate their unique message to the world. He also offers empowerment and resiliency training to help resolve the effects of stress and trauma.

Craig is an Organic Intelligence®(OI) Coach, OI Workshop Facilitator, and is currently on the 3 year Human Empowerment and Resiliency Training (HEART) under the mentorship of OI founder, Steven Hoskinson.


He has co-presented OI workshops with Steven in London for both the activist and LGBTQ+ community. Craig is also proud to be a moderator on OI’s End of Trauma Course, an online global initiative to support and train people in resiliency against the effects of trauma, allowing them to live vibrant, meaningful lives.

Craig is also a certified Fitzmaurice Voicework® Associate. The combination of OI and Voicework offers a unique way to find ease, presence, enjoyment and flow in the expression of life.


Through his private practice and workshops, he facilitates people on a journey of self discovery to enable them to show up for their big life moments, fulfil their potential and deepen their connection with themselves and their fellow human beings. 


He has huge compassion for people going through hard times who want to turn their life around in a meaningful way and seeks to reunite people with their own natural support systems using ground-breaking work which re-synchronises the nervous system.


He also specialises in teaching people how to channel the energy they experience in highly stimulating circumstances with a powerful, expressive voice and body.

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