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From Our Dozens of 5-Star Google Reviews

"The generosity of spirit and incredible knowledge of the school and its teachers are just out of this world. I'm so happy I took this qualification, even if I had no prior training in coaching - I never felt like I was "behind" or "the only one". The opportunities for learning are plenty, and the community is incredibly supportive. If you're on the fence, I'd say just "do it" no matter what you'll come out a better human 'be-ing' and 'do-ing' for it. Thanks so much!"

Caro G.

"After my basic training in coaching, I felt a sense that there was more, unrealized 'space' in my work, and introducing the body and these somatic elements has created such fullness and richness that I can now offer my clients. It has developed me mentally, physically and emotionally. I feel more human. The team have created something very special and something that everyone would benefit hugely from. I can not recommend enough."

Ben M.

"As someone who has been coaching professionally for almost 20 years, I love to learn and continue to grow in my practice. Just coming to the end of the programme and I have already experienced the power of this approach for myself and with my clients. I have also really enjoyed the trust created in our group that has enabled us to experiment and play together. And it is great to belong to the wider Somanauts community too - lots more still to look forward to!"

Alison K.
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What is Body-oriented Coaching?

Why would you want to work “somatically”?

Where does this approach come from?

How is this different than other types of coaching and therapy?

What does this do for your clients?

What is the future of Somatics in the coaching industry?


The world’s first somatic coach training to be awarded a Level 2 accreditation by the International Coaching Federation.

Graduates from Level 2 education and training programmes may apply for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential using the Level 2 application path if they meet the credentialing requirements. This course also meets the requirements for ACC and can be used to fulfil your CCE needs if you are already a credential holder with the ICF.

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Grow your skillset & offer a new service to work with coaching clients.

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